Size: 53-17-140
  • silvia-c-b10-gradient-taupe-and-brown-with-rose-gold-and-light-peach-crystals
  • SILVIA c.NRN – Black with black crystals
  • SILVIA c.NRG – black with light gold crystals
  • SILVIA c.NR – Black with clear and light chrome crystals
  • SILVIA c.CR – Clear with light gold crystals and gold laserwork
  • SILVIA c.627 – Tortoise with light topaz and gold crystals
  • SILVIA c.563 – Translucent plum with amethyst and alabaster crystals
  • Silvia c.NRV – Black with rose gold crystals
  • SILVIA c.B07 – Gradient purple and brown with tanzanite and light smoked topaz crystals
  • Silvia c.843 – Emerald green with emerald and blue-green crystals
  • Silvia c.NRB – Black with sapphire crystals and blue laserwork
  • Silvia c.NRC LE – LIMITED EDITION – Black with multi-colored crystals